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FlagStats is crowd-sourcing data to highlight injustices that are insufficiently captured by existing data sources. You can contribute to our efforts to track bad actors in so-called Flagstaff by sharing your story.

Examples of stories include the following (note that there is often overlap between topics):

Law enforcement — Instances of police brutality committed by officers from any policing agency.

Rental housing — Intimidation or harassment of tenants, poor service, lack of property upkeep, etc by landlords or property management companies.

Lack of shelter — Intimidation or harassment of the unsheltered.

Local employers — Intimidation, harassment or identity-motivated preferential treatment of employees, withholding tips, abusive scheduling practices, needlessly calling 911 on people who are 'loitering' by the business, etc.

Shitty civilians — Instances of in-person or online intimidation or harassment committed by locals in a civilian capacity (as opposed to being related to their employment)

The easiest and most efficent way for us to parse your story is via the above form However, if you prefer to share your story verbally, you can also leave us a voicemail at (928) 255-9091. We may also be reached through our Flagstaff 86'd list Instagram account.

To learn more about how user-submitted data is used, please view our data policies.

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Examples of tools and resources include web apps and documents for print or web. Examples of services include creating custom datasets, facilitating FOIA requests, and providing training in data science and web development using the R programming language.

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Mission statement

FlagStats is a data-driven, citizen journalism collective that seeks to further leftist and progressive efforts to explain and address systemic issues in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona.

We believe that the data speaks for itself. As such, we build interactive tools, produce reports, promote data transparency, and push our message through direct actions.

That said, we believe that publicly available data in Flagstaff is incomplete and may reflect systemic or institutional biases. Accordingly, we supplement these data sources with crowd-sourced data.

Finally, we believe that many local activist groups have a shared political vision for Flagstaff. Consequently, we provide data and tools for coordination and coalition with like-minded groups.


The following goals provide guiding principles for the projects that we undertake and the partnerships that we make.

Data access and transparency

Promote transparency and open access to data in government and institutions so that we can make data-driven arguments around local problems.

Areas of emphasis include policing & law enforcement, housing & development, the City budget, City Council votes, City Council decision-making processes, and candidate political funding.

Model the ethical and transparent use of community-sourced data.


Abolish systems creating housing insecurity.

Eradicate houselessness for those who want to be sheltered.

Eliminate unaffordable housing by ensuring that tenant households spend less than 30% of their household income on gross rent.

Support tenant power through organizing and pushing for expanded legal rights.


Abolish the carceral punishment system.

Dramatically reduce the scope of activities handled via punitive law enforcement.

Correspondingly reduce the City's budget allocation to policing and redistribute to applicable community services.

Significantly reduce the number of people incarcerated in the Coconino County Detention Facility.

Decriminalize being unsheltered.

End all cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Remove police from K-12 schools and institutions of higher education.


Combat systemic labor exploitation and strengthen workers' rights.

Support a mandatory living wage.

Expose employer abuse, including abusive scheduling, harassment, wage theft, unsafe working conditions, etc.

Shed light on and call out the broad culture of sexual harassment that characterizes the service industry in Flagstaff.

Support worker power through organizing and pushing for expanded legal rights.

Data policies

The following are guidelines for how we receive, store, and act on sensitive user-submitted information.

We want to build relationships in which people feel comfortable sharing their stories, and trust us to share those stories responsibly and respectfully.

The well-being of our sources is more important to us than having access to their stories.

We never pressure people to share traumatic life experiences.

Stories are shared on the terms of our sources, and informed consent is non-negotiably required to share their stories.

Informed consent demands that the individual has a total and complete understanding of how their story will be shared, including our political motivations.

When gathering data, we will illuminate the potential impacts of sharing data to the best of our ability. This includes FlagStats' overall goals and principles.

The preferences of sources vis-a-vis the extent to which they are comfortable disclosing various aspects of their identities (to FlagStats or to the public) will be clearly articulated and inviolable. This includes one's name, gender identity, pronouns, age, race, and background.

Additionally, the consent of everyone (other than the abuser) who is significantly involved in a story must be secured before the story is shared.

Data security

There are two accounts associated with FlagStats. There is a working team account, which does not contain sensitive or legally liable data, and a data account that does. Only one team members has access to the data account.

The passwords for both accounts are changed on a monthly basis, and we have strict internal requirements for maintaining access.

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